LETTER: There is a problem with appointment

It is good to read letters commending the staff at our local hospital. While attending clinics one frequently sees notices displaying the number of patients who did not turn up for their appointments in the previous month.

However how often is this because appointment letters are just not either being sent out or getting through?

It appears nothing is being done to rectify the situation.

While checking in for an appointment recently the receptionist asked if I wanted another appointment to be written on my card. I had been waiting some three weeks for this appointment, and had I not come to clinic I would not have known about this. The letter still has not arrived.

A neighbour was asked why she did not attend for her minor surgery. She had not received a letter, and had been waiting for some weeks.

Why is this happening so frequently?

Are they cutting down on the cost of postage? Are the senior management staff aware that there is a problem, and what will they do about it ?

Or are patients to continue to look for letters which are not going to arrive because they have not been sent out and miss out on consultations and treatments.

Chris Evans,

The Avenue,