LETTER: There are no moans from us about the DGH

Moan about the DGH? Certainly not us. On Sunday 1st February I was feeling unwell and knew something was wrong.

My wife phoned for a paramedic via 999 and he arrived by motor bike within five minutes.

Although none of the more normal indications were evident he quickly established a heart attack and immediately phoned for an ambulance.

It arrived within 15 minutes. Having worked on me in the ambulance, with siren and blue light we arrived at the DGH around 9.15am, I was being operated on by 9.30am. I could not have had more prompt attention anywhere. A stent was fitted and I was taken to the CCU ward where I was treated by very professional, caring and cheerful staff.

All these people undoubtedly saved my life. So, well done NHS and a huge thank you to the wonderful staff at the Eastbourne DGH.

Carole and John McCarthy,

Friston Avenue.