LETTER: The ‘angel’ and my lost key

I’d like to thank the kind person, who went out of his or her way to take the car keys I foolishly dropped in Carlisle Road last Friday, to the police station. I’d spent three days turning the house upside down, re-tracing every footstep and thought process, crawling on the grass verge outside the Birley Centre and even dredging the collected sludge and debris in the gully outside with a garden rake, but no luck.

I wasn’t hopeful when I rang 101 last night, but delighted and relieved to be told that a good-hearted angel had handed them in anonymously. The policewoman on the desk told me how lucky I was and that I should do the lottery this week.

If that angel is you, please will you write to me c/o the Herald enclosing your contact details and I’d be delighted to send you a modest reward to thank you for your kindness, refund your postage and even send you a lottery ticket!

It’s reassuring to know that even in this self-obsessed age, there are people around who are compassionate, caring and considerate enough to put themselves out and do someone a favour, even a total stranger, without expecting anything in return. Thank you.

Jean Clark

The Grove, Ratton