LETTER Thanks for the petition

Please can we say a huge thank you through your paper to all the people who signed our recent petition.

During our week at the Arndale and Langney Shopping centres 11,028 people physically signed our petition.

In addition to this, we collected a further 12,973 names online, which totals to 24,001 signatures.

We became aware, through our many conversations, that more people than even we realised, are adversely affected by the recent changes made to Maternity services.

Sadly, the outcome is we appear to have more support than ever.

We are delivering the petition to the Secretary of State for Health this Tuesday (December 16) with a legal letter from our solicitors, and a letter of support from our local MP, Stephen Lloyd.

Accompanying the Campaign Group Representatives will be Kirsty Peyton-Lander and Vicki Burcham, who are Mums with babies born on the way to the Conquest hospital. Both Kirsty and Vicki were told they could not have their babies at the Midwife-led unit at Eastbourne DGH because they needed a consultant-led birth.

We cannot understand how is it safer to have a baby at the side of a road than in hospital with fully trained midwives? We are told neither of these births are considered to be serious incidents.

We are asking the Secretary of State for Health, [insert name], to be accountable and either uphold the decision made by an Independent Review Panel (IRP) in September 2008, which recommended a two site consultant-led maternity service for both Eastbourne and Hastings; or to call for a new Independent Review into the current situation as soon as possible.

We would like to wish all our supporters and staff at Eastbourne DGH a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year.

Save the DGH group