LETTER: Survey, not an official poll...

First paragraph: ‘Almost three-quarters of people in Eastbourne believe David Cameron will be Prime Minister after this year’s General Election – according to a survey carried out by the Herald’

Last paragraph: ‘The survey is not an official opinion poll and is not necessarily representative of the entire Eastbourne electorate.’

So on what basis was the survey of 296 respondents carried out and who were the people that were questioned? It certainly has no relevance to the actual election in Eastbourne and Willingdon where Stephen Lloyd has proved an excellent MP, taking on the Home Office in their stubborn refusal to see reason in the case of Andrea Gada’s funeral as well as the many thousands of people he has helped during the five years he has been our MP.

Interesting also to read Colin Belsey’s derisory comments on the Letters page when forced to defend the huge sums being pumped into Caroline Ansell’s campaign by Tory Party grandees such as Lord Ashcroft and Conservative Central Office.

The Liberal Democrats cannot begin to fund campaigns in this way.

Fortunately a very large number of people locally appreciate Stephen Lloyd’s service to the town and are offering their support, both financially and on the doorstep, Some of them even come from Mr Belsey’s party!

Roger Hudson

Devonshire Place