LETTER: Support shops in Albert Parade

Calling all millionaires and billionaires. You represent David when the giant Goliath arrived on the scene. Please, please support David. There is a little piece of Sussex where people shop, where small businesses flourish, it is absolutely gorgeous - everybody is so friendly and helpful (I shop there frequently),the atmosphere of this parade is unique. But, oh yes, there’s a big but: one of today’s giants has arrived and is about to destroy this area. Please, please step in and save it from a ghastly death - you can, you could, you should. Where is this little spot? The Albert Parade in Old town, Eastbourne and while you are at it, build them, in its place, a medical centre! If I were a millionaire I’d put down the first £1,000,000 Over to you.

D E Cocks,

Jevington Road