LETTER: Student safety is the main aim of speed calming

I would like to point out that whilst the residents of Park Avenue and Park Lane have a valid point regarding the selfish behaviour of parents parking across drive ways and blocking certain side roads at busy school pick up times , the initial campaign to reduce the speed limit in both roads was for the safety of the Ratton School students. This campaign has been running now for two years and was initiated by Sam Smith, head boy of Ratton school in 2012. Sam fought hard to gain approval from the County Council to reduce the speed limit in the interest of the students at Ratton school in both Park Lane and Park Avenue. Several students have been injured over the last few years and it is about time the speed limit was reduced !

The residents can then begin their own battle and please not cause further delay by side tracking the main purpose of this current proposal.

Let’s not forget that the safety of the students is our main aim.

Helen Smith

Granville Road