LETTER: Staying ahead of the game

Amidst all the recent protest over the proposed sale of the downland farms, cannot those who support the idea be allowed a voice as well?

There will be hundreds of such farms between here and Winchester. Hardly any will be in public ownership, and yet there is no issue around ruination of their environment. Moreover, all are well-protected by the National Park and its extensive powers as a planning authority in its own right.

National Parks have been a trusted institution for the last 70 years, so why not trust them to do a good job here?

It is also encouraging that the ‘public realm’ areas where most people walk or picnic are excluded from the sale and will in fact be enhanced by some investment.

I have no political axe to grind, but in this instance the borough council is right to be taking radical steps to make capital investments for the future. The economies of coastal towns are fragile and we must do all we can to ensure that Eastbourne stays ahead of the game. I am definitely saying ‘yes’ to the sale.


Saffrons Park