LETTER: Staff went to huge lengths

The letters page is often used to express complaint or disquiet with a service. It is my pleasure to be able to reverse this trend. On Boxing Day there was a fire at St Luke’s Church, Stone Cross which caused significant damage, and a large number of material items were scorched or smoke damaged. We decided to try and salvage items and were fortunate to use Fibrecare Laundry Services in Seaside, this proved to be a wise choice.

There were many items which we thought were ruined, but Fibrecare managed to save nearly all of them.

I know that they went to huge lengths to make sure that they did the best job that they could, and I suspect quite a lot of research was put in! The staff were all cheerful, pleasant and keen to help. Their communications were really good, they were happy to phone to arrange, confirm, question or recall. I can only say that the whole experience was professional, courteous, and very effective. Many thanks from all at St. Luke’s to Fibrecare.

Dr David Hanraty (Churchwarden)

Foords Lane, Hankham,