LETTER: Specific poll worth taking

I could not agree more with Paul Humphreys when he writes of the democratic process being paramount (letters May 2).

He relates the notion to any decision regarding the proposed cycle routes in Eastbourne. I would merely ask for democracy to be taken further.

It is alleged that 75 per cent of Eastbourne’s residents are in favour of the routes following the council consultation of the proposals.

In another letter Robert Price reports that the same percentage is in favour of the especial seafront route. I wonder.

It is no surprise that such a vast majority favours the other routes within the town that are to run – forgive the pun – in tandem with the vehicular routes concerned.

In fact it would not be a surprise to know that in those cases the percentage was even higher. But is the same really true of the one non-vehicular route concerned: the promenade?

Far be it from me to prejudge the result of a poll on that particular route. But it would be a specific poll well-worth conducting – for the sake of democracy.


Collington Close.