LETTER: Social media group Streetlife comes to Eastbourne

Streetlife, the local social network, has come to Eastbourne.

The fastest growing British social network, Streetlife aims to build stronger communities across the nation and has been described as “the online equivalent of chatting over the garden fence.”

Streetlife users sign up with an email address and post code and are instantly connected to all other users within their local area – no friends lists or followers are involved. This gives users a way to share practical advice an information to an audience within the local community.

To date, conversations on the site have seen locals come together to turn disused back gardens into community allotments, raise awareness about missing cats and spread the word about doorstep scammers.

The display of community spirit so far has been fantastic and it’s obvious that there’s a real desire among many neighbours in Eastbourne to help one another and we’re delighted to provide an outlet for that.

Eastbourne residents can find out more and connect with their local community at www.streetlife.com.

How it works:

• Sign up for free at streetlife.com with a postcode and email address.

•Users can post messages, events, polls and pictures.

•Other Streetlife users who live nearby are able to respond.

•Neighbours help one another by sharing knowledge, opinions and advice about the area.

How it’s used:

•Finding local people with shared interests and passions.

• Lending and giving away belongings to neighbours.

• Organising community events and campaigns.

• Exchanging recommendations for local businesses and tradespeople.

Nina Whittaker

Head of Communities, Streetlife