LETTER: Should the MPs thrash out the A27 issue?

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Last week I was privileged to represent East Sussex on the cross party A27 steering group in the House of Commons. The group is made up of all MPs from across East Sussex and all six Council Authorities’ and Chaired by Simon Kirby MP.

The group came together to lobby for the new Super Highway the route proposed by Caroline Ansell between Polegate and Lewes. This option brings both the best environmental and the most cost effective solution to enable the whole of East Sussex and bordering Counties to flourish economically.

The group was unanimous in its support for the new Highway, apart from the representative of Norman Baker MP who had not found the time to come and speak for himself, she voted for tinkering with current road and Stagnation. Can I suggest our MP Stephen Lloyd sits down with Mr Baker in a darkened room if necessary and convinces him that in order for East Sussex to reach its full economic potential, and with it Jobs and opportunities for the generations of kids that follow us, he needs to get off the fence and join us in our fight against Stagnation.

Cllr David Elkin

St Leonards Road.