LETTER: Selling farms is common sense

I believe Eastbourne Borough Council should be thanked for sending the Eastbourne Review to all residents.

I have heard the Green Party lobby from Brighton describe it in negative terms but, frankly, it wouldn’t matter what you say to them, they will oppose it.

There has been so much hysterical misinformation from Andrew Durling and his friends. The farms will remain farms, nothing is going to happen on them, whoever owns them.

Ninety per cent of downland farms are already in private ownership, I don’t recall Mr Durling moaning about them.

I also have great sympathy for the farmers themselves. I know they feel very bruised and upset by the way their lives are being kicked about like a political football.

Some of these people have farmed up on the downs all their lives and would now like to use this opportunity to make a change in later life and do something else.

And when will people recognise that the funding councils have always relied on from Government is over. The Government, our MP’s Government, is stopping all funding to local councils, including Eastbourne.

The Government money for public services in Eastbourne is finished, the council has to fund them in other ways.

The council should sell the working farms, it doesn’t make sense to do anything else. All the fuss being made is a red herring peddled by the Green lobby. The South Downs National Park Authority oversees the protection of the downland and that will remain in place for ever.


Saffrons Road