LETTER: Self-publicist or hard worker

I’d like to reply to Councillor Colin Belsey’s criticisms of our MP Stephen Lloyd.

He makes a point, which has been made by the Tories before, that Stephen Lloyd “is a self-publicist who will be in any picture as long as the Herald will publish it”.

Therefore, I would like to ask Councillor Belsey what on earth he thinks an MP should do differently.

I don’t remember seeing Tory MP Nigel Waterston’s picture in the paper much during his 18 years as Eastbourne’s MP. Was he just camera shy or did he have better things to do than represent Eastbourne?

MP’s are expected to be seen and heard on behalf of the people they serve (and I use the word ‘serve’ deliberately). Stephen Lloyd is no exception. He was elected to serve the people of Eastbourne, so he SHOULD be at all events.

He is shown in the papers because he IS there, supporting it, encouraging people and offering to help out if needed for any eventuality.

He SHOULD be at all the charity events, dinners, 100th birthdays, openings, business successes and so on, as he can physically manage.

He SHOULD be there for issues that affect our town and people – encouraging and helping out – and does it brilliantly with hard work, good humour, respect and humbleness. He also attends countless events that are not covered by the media.

He says he is “honoured and privileged” to represent the people of Eastbourne.

The fact that he has his picture in the Herald so much is because he is there, supporting all these different things. If Councillor Belsey thinks this makes Stephen Lloyd a “publicist” then he doesn’t understand the job of a good MP.

Frances Ostler

Victoria Drive