LETTER: See the world as it really is

I refer to the letter from Michael Harris last week headed “Liberals should be True to their Views,” and proposing support for Caroline Ansell, the Conservative candidate.

Having looked at her literature, one leaflet tells of her 2020 vision.

A great idea to visit the local opticians, to remove her rose tinted glasses and see the real world as it is. Since the Conservative-led coalition arrived in 2010 the national debt was approx. £850 billion – it is now over £1500 billion.

The yearly budget is still £97 billion in the red. Conservative government has borrowed more in five years than labour did in 13 years, thus increasing our national debt, yet allegedly there was no money left.

We have collection boxes in every supermarket and GP practices for food donations to keep food banks going to help the needy, who now number nearly one million.

A top down re-organisation with £20 billion of cuts of which nobody voted for and nobody wanted, as it was not in the manifesto which has left the NHS in taters, A&E in crisis, and our local DGH aided and abetted by incompetent management has now been graded as inadequate.

We are very grateful to our front line staff, together with GPs for work above and beyond the call of duty, in order to give us the care we need. When Conservatives start telling us how to vote and what you get if you vote this way or that, throw bribes at the electorate in unfunded promises, like the £8 billion NHS promise which is really just an IOU, you then know they are desperate to win and their policies do not deserve support. Stephen Lloyd has struggled valiantly to save services at the DGH, but is up against the Conservative brick wall.

However, he has worked well and hard, and I shall vote for him, not for his work in Government, but for what he has done for our town.

At least the Conservatives have lived up to their true views and values and do not deserve support.

R Beech,

Tolkien Road