LETTER: Sea defences in dreadful state

Having been living in and around the Eastbourne area since the early 1950s, I have never seen the sea defences, groynes and break-waters in such a dreadful state. They seem to have been totally neglected since the construction of that hideous harbour began. Is this why we have a fleet of trucks moving shingle along the beaches all year round and that ship that sprays the shingle all over the Eastbourne seafront throughout the summer? At what expense to the dear old tax-payer, I can only wonder? Also the hideous, monstrous buildings swamping the harbour have now almost reached Pevensey Bay, completely ruining the beautiful coastal views. I assume the constructors do realise that all that keeps the sea at bay (!) is the rather small shingle beach, and that only a few hundred years ago the sea lapped against the walls of Pevensey Castle! Could it ever return? Progress? Only time will tell.

Andy Adams

Trossachs Close