LETTER: School will create relentless traffic increase

Thanks to Annemarie Field for highlighting in last week’s Herald a matter of considerable concern to many people who live in the roads around Cavendish, Motcombe, Ocklynge and Ratton schools.

The proposed primary school on the Cavendish school site needs to be put into the context of the relentless increase in traffic over many years as Ocklynge school which was originally a two form intake school has developed into a six form intake school with around 840 pupils. Likewise Motcombe school has grown from a two form intake school to a four form intake school with around 360 pupils. Cavendish and Ratton have taken around a thousand pupils each at least until recently, so we are talking about around 3,300 pupils in an area of less than a square mile. It is hardly surprising that the local roads can’t cope. The community has not, to my knowledge, been greatly consulted about these increases, and it has generally taken the situation in its stride. However many people feel that the area has now reached saturation point.

The proposed traffic mitigation measures do not take into account the existing traffic problems so are of little value. It should also be pointed out that parents who currently have pupils at these schools, and people trying to get into or out of Eastbourne in the morning via Willingdon Road or Victoria Drive will also be affected, as will buses struggling to use Eldon Road. It seems likely that the roundabout by the hospital (which is already congested in the morning rush hour) will also have more traffic as parents via Lottbridge Drove and Cross Levels Way from Seaside, Roselands and Bridgemere, areas that Cavendish already serves.

Doug and Vanessa Howard

Cobbold Avenue.