LETTER: Safety must come first

The Chief Constable of East Sussex recently warned that the Coalition cuts to Police Services are so severe that the Police will soon not be able to deliver the service that the public have always expected.

We are well aware of this in Eastbourne with the closure of the Police Station in 2013 and the withdrawal of Police patrols behind desks.

A Channel 4 news report on February 3 highlighted the decline in policing in Eastbourne which can only help crime and criminals.

These cuts have happened on the watch of the Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition and those parties must bear the responsibility for them.

Only the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) is pledged to reverse the cuts, restore a police presence to the streets, fight crime and deport foreign criminals. Public safety must come first.

Nigel Jones

UKIP prospective Parliamentary Candidate, Eastbourne & Willingdon, Carew Road.