LETTER: Running out of rubbish to burn?

When the county council and Veolia proposed to build the Newhaven incinerator, they claimed there was an urgent crisis.

With landfill no longer an option, they had no choice but to build an incinerator as soon as possible to cope with the mountain of rubbish accumulating in East Sussex.

Now however, after being used for only a fraction of its proposed lifespan, it appears the incinerator is running out of rubbish to burn.

The council have applied for planning permission to bring in rubbish from outside the county.

It is bad enough being poisoned with our own rubbish but now the council and Veolia want a free-for-all.

If, like me, you think this is wrong, there is something we can do.

If the public can get a petition of 5,000 signatures together, then the matter can be discussed by the full council. If any ex-member of Dove,
 like myself, or anyone else 
are interested in organising a petition, please ring 01323 896431.

Mr G Herrington