LETTER: Royal Naval Old Comrades Club’s closure was hardly a committee decision

I must take issue with the comments of Claire Brown in your article regarding the closure of the Royal Naval Old Comrades Club.

It ‘seems to her’ that senior veterans were loathe to hand over responsibility for running the club to, presumably, younger members, which is, unfortunately, not the case.

Every year, prior to the AGM, a list is placed on the notice board for to which members append their names should they wish to serve on the committee.

Members then vote for those they wish to place in office, at the AGM. For several years now there have been insufficient names on that list to form the required number for committee, let alone vote from a selection of willing applicants.

Members, who can be persuaded to serve are then co-opted from the floor to make up the requisite number. Not much enthusiasm there, then.

She then goes on to say that ‘it seems’ senior committee members had made up their minds to close the club. This, it is true, is what we needed to do, while we had sufficient funds to meet our commitments but we live in a democracy and it was the 132 members at the EGM who would vote for closure or to remain open.

The case for closure was put to the members by the club’s officers and the case for staying open by a member from the floor and a vote was then taken by ballot.

The outcome was a resounding vote for common sense, 113 members voting for closure, 19 members voting to keep the club open. Hardly a committee decision.

B E Allchorn

President, RNOCC

Bowood Avenue