LETTER: Roundabout would’ve been good at Lion Hill

Firstly, well done you council planning chappies and chapesses. Splendid effort at Stone Cross - even altered the disruption times to allow for the rush-hour (Herald and Gazette pressure?). However, night work, at weekends, during school holidays, and a roundabout would have been far more sensible. Nevertheless, I am writing this from a lay-by in Dover after being severely abused by the dreaded combination black and yellow traffic diversion signs (or sighns as the chaps at Stone Cross spell it). Sadly the powers that be have also decided to close my Rickney Lane rat-run to rebuild Chilly Bridge - and hence another 3,500 opposing and disrupting diversion signs. Also noticed another six million cyclists have taken to the pavements and promenade to avoid the monumentally confused motorists in their Chelsea Tractors, many of whom are now joining me in Dover. Incidentally, does anyone other than the RSPB like seagulls? I used to have a nice pink car, but now it is a rather unattractive grey and white, smells of fish and attracts cats. Keep fighting the good fight.

Andy Adams,

Trossachs Clos