LETTER: Rethink pier concept

Reading the letters from readers commenting on the history and charm of the pier, often lingering in memories, I agree that restoration must take place, but what a great opportunity to rethink the whole pier concept. It is a relic of the Victorian era and surely that period of history could be celebrated more fully. Instead of a modern and rather tacky amusement arcade which is after all condoning a form of gambling, could we not have an alternative idea, a Victorian-themed restaurant with a pianist for example? It could still serve fish and chips! What about a theatre again or a music hall? A chance to make a real statement about the local history and environment. Could we not involve some creative thinking to make more of an iconic structure for Eastbourne instead of the predictable? Maybe public ownership is the way forward as someone else suggested, or getting a preservation society involved.

Maybe the fire happened for a reason?


Rosebery Avenue