LETTER: Reconsider jet ski rules

I note that Eastbourne Borough Council is considering placing bathing huts east of the pier.

We members of Eastbourne Swimming Club regularly swim east of the pier training for open water races and also competing in our own races.

We frequently have to encounter danger from jet skis and other powered craft who are able to cruise up and down the beaches irrespective of people who are swimming or playing

in the sea. In the past I have written to the council asking for a row of buoys to be installed a distance off the beach to stop powered craft from encroaching close to the beaches. Most resorts along the south coast and abroad do carry out this sensible precaution. However our council has refused on two grounds: 1/ they can’t afford it and 2/ east of the pier are not bathing beaches and we should swim west of the pier where there are lifeguards. Even west of the pier lifeguards are only on duty during the summer months during the day. By placing bathing huts east of the pier the council will be encouraging people to swim there. Will the council reconsider its stance on this important issue or will it wait until there is a serious injury accident involving a swimmer before taking action?

R T Blount,

Eastbourne Swimming Club, Open Water Section