LETTER Rats leaving sinking ship?

As the sound of rats scurrying to leave a sinking ship intensifies, Stephen Lloyd has resigned from his ‘top job’ in the coalition over the funding of the A27.

Of all the cynical, trumped up excuses for trying to distance himself from the Tories a few months before the general election, this takes the biscuit.

After more than four years of enthusiastically propping up an ideologically driven, state shrinking Tory government by aligning himself with the privatisation of the NHS, the iniquitous bedroom tax, swingeing cuts on social services etc etc, apparently the future of a stretch of tarmac has far greater importance to him than the thousands of constituents in the town whose daily lives he has been content to see systematically impoverished by his coalition’s policies.

And politicians wonder why they are held in such low esteem!

Gerry Stonestreet

Staveley Road