LETTER: Rail is long term answer

Any attempt to link Cross Levels way with Elm Grove [ Call for new relief road... January 16] would be disastrous for the users of Elm Grove.

The road is a residential cul-de-sac heavily used by pedestrians and cyclists including children and elderly for access to the community scouts’ hut, medical centre and supermarket.

Densely built houses, many on the northern side built without garages or parking space, mean the road is often full on both sides with parked cars. The long term answer is to provide better alternatives to car travel, such as the imaginative light rail scheme for Eastbourne, that Dave Poole championed a few years ago. Meanwhile, despite the objections raised in his recent long letter published in the Herald, the proposed Polegate – Pevensey rail link, could remove unnecessary train movements that contribute to the queues at Hampden Park crossing.

Ivor Hueting

Elm Grove. Hampden Park