LETTER: Put yourself in their shoes

It has now been nearly two years since the fantastic Olympic and Paralympic games where most of the nation tune in, but at the same time there was many a buzz word floating around.

One of which is Olympic Legacy and with the press commenting on how now as a nation we will be a lot more aware of people with disabilities, you couldn’t be more wrong if you tried.

My wife has progressive MS and tries to stay as independent as possible, which means she like to go out and do a little bit of shopping in her battery operated wheelchair.

This is when the trouble starts with people swearing at her and saying things like, “People like you should not be aloud out” and some people not even getting out of her way, and they are the polite ones.

To these morons I say to you, put yourself in a disabled person’s shoes for 24 hours and then see what it’s like.

Remember that the law has just been changed so if this continues people can be reported to the police as this type of behaviour is classed as a hate crime and can carry the same punishment as racism.


Clandon House.