LETTER: ‘Profoundly disappointed’ is right

So Stephen Lloyd has quit his lowly job on the bottom rung of the Ministerial ladder because, as the Herald reports, he is ‘profoundly disappointed’ with his Government’s failure to do more than promise jam tomorrow regarding improving the A27.

‘Profoundly disappointing’ just about sums up the entire performance of the Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coaliton since their disastrous marriage got underway in 2010.

Uncontrolled immigration; more dictatorial rule from Brussels, deeper debt and the rapid decay of our schools, health and hospital services - seen most starkly in the scandalous decline of the DGH - these are the hallmarks of Mr Lloyd and Ms Ansell’s woeful administration.

And yet these people will seek your vote again in May’s general election.

In truth there is only one party that will fight for local people to control their affairs, and for our elected Parliament to regain the power it has handed to the EU.

That party is UKIP.

Nigel Jones

UKIP prospective Parliamentary candidate for Eastbourne.