LETTER: Pothole repair two years old

We hear so much about the poor service associated with fixing Eastbourne’s potholes, but I have just discovered that the authorities can respond at express speed. Using the website eastsussex.fixmystreet.com , I reported a dangerous pothole in my road, which had matured, spread and deepened to a safety hazard in less than a fortnight. The site displays known potholes and allows residents to report newly discovered potholes.

The day after I reported the pothole, I received an acknowledgement by email. The next day a further email stated that a ‘Highway Steward’ was on the case, and just six days after my initial report, I saw that the pothole had been repaired - together with smaller nearby potholes. You can’t get much better service than that.

Things have certainly improved since two years ago when my report of a pothole in the busy road outside my house was ignored by the authorities for four weeks, In the absence of a response, I filled the hole myself with a mix of a little cement and some builder’s rubble. The repair took me 15 minutes and cost me less than a pound - but it is still intact and I shall celebrate its second birthday next month.

I wonder if the ‘Highway Steward’ would be interested in joining me for a celebratory second birthday tipple alongside the repair to witness how a quick and low cost repair has proved its durability.

In view of the minimal cost and time taken to make the repair, and tight budgets, why couldn’t’ the authorities have a ‘Pothole Purge’ using the same low cost solution?

Peter Hunt

Kings Avenue