LETTER: Poppy Appeal is a duty and a pleasure

As an ex-national serviceman, I regarded helping with the poppy appeal both a duty and a pleasure. Much credit must go to David Smedley, the organiser and his colleagues. Many early mornings and late nights were endured. Even though poppy appeal week is over, their hard work continues. As for my small part, I was located at the station, and I have to say I was humbled by the generosity of not just the residents of Eastbourne, but also the visitors. The culmination of my week was of course the service of Remembrance at the war memorial. What a pity the sound system wasn’t working. I, and I’m sure most the spectators, didn’t hear a single word of the Lady Mayor’s reading, and only a few words from the Rev. Kimberly because of his stronger voice. Food for thought indeed for the organisers of next year’s ceremony.

Robert Peel,

Upperton Gardens