LETTER: Politics is not a ‘bun fight’

In the Out in the Field column of the Herald of January 30, Annemarie Field refers to the bun fight between politicians “that will only get worse” and adds “and the fighting more juvenile and unpleasant.” If she is referring to Eastbourne where is her evidence? I have followed the debate closely in the town and have read about differing policies of the parties but not any personal attacks on candidates as happened in 2010.

The most active campaigner has been Caroline Ansell, Conservative, and I have to say that nowhere in her literature or in her newsletters have I read anything derogatory about opposing candidates. How refreshing it is for voters to read and consider policies put sensibly but without negative campaigning and personal attacks. I trust all parties will do likewise. Let us have a competitive but mature debate.

How different it has been from the last General Election when personal comments about the sitting MP led to a libel action in the High Court. And finally, deciding the country’s future is not a “bun fight,” Annemarie, but a matter of great importance so may we please take it seriously?

Betty Clements

Devonshire Place.