LETTER Please don’t patronise us

Last week’s Herald informed us that our local MP Stephen Lloyd had resigned as a Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change. A role he had held for less than 12 months.

Mr Lloyd must have been very pleased that you gave him the front page headline and a quarter of an inside page as otherwise this gesture would have gone unnoticed by the majority of the public.

Even the Ministry seem not to have noticed what has happened as they have deemed it unnecessary to make any comment.

With his political colleague Norman Baker also recently going off in a huff because he did not feel able to work with the Home Secretary, I sense that it must be Lib Dem policy for those MPs in marginal seats to try and distance themselves from the Coalition Government, which they have been happy to be a part of during the last four years. To someone like myself who is not a political animal, this would appear to be a blatant attempt by our MP and his party to try an establish an individual identity prior to next May’s election.

It ignores the fact that they have been happy to hang on to the coat tails of the Conservative party during this time, giving them an element of power which is hardly warranted by the size and popularity of their party.

Recently it has been difficult to avoid pictures of Mr Lloyd in our local paper and a cynic could conclude he is trying too hard on the PR front. At this rate over the five months before the General Election, I sense that I will have seen and heard far too much of Mr Lloyd and his attempts to portray himself as being so influential in national and local politics. All MPs are expected to help within their constituency. However over the last few years Mr Lloyd has made promises as to how he is going to use his influence in numerous situations. The banner headlines these promises generate sound impressive but are often empty gestures made far too late with never a chance to alter what is going to happen in the real world. I recall he was going to personally contact the Duke of Devonshire and the developers Bovis Homes to ensure the land development in Kings Drive was stopped. The chief executive of Sainsbury was to be told that the Drive Hotel on Albert Parade should not be turned into a supermarket. Well done Stephen, I am sure you will agree that all turned out well ! Don’t try to patronise your constituents as we are not as gullible as you might think we are.

Andrew H Price

Selwyn Road