LETTER: Plastic bag convention?

Mr G Ridley’s letter (Herald January 23) highlighted the scruffy and neglected promenade on the east side of town. I would also like to complain about litter strewn and neglected areas that would not tolerated elsewhere in town. The worst are the verges and bushes by the Harbour roundabout and entrances to the Sovereign Harbour retail park and Waterfront. It often looks like a plastic bag convention. The central verges opposite Tesco and other parts of Lottbridge Drove are also an eyesore whilst Golden Jubilee Way is often heavily littered. Whilst some occasional cleaning occurs Eastbourne Borough Council seem to have a laissez faire attitude and are happy for these areas to be normally filthy and rarely clean rather than the other way around. I also wonder what the purpose of their vaunted Customer First service is when I have written three times about a particular litter hotspot and not received the courtesy of a reply. It should be renamed Customer Last.

Mike Grant

Caroline Way