LETTER: Pier fire could be town’s wake up call

It’s really sad that the pier in Eastbourne has been damaged by fire. Could this be a wake up call for Eastbourne. The government has said it will allocate money to help rebuild it. So why can’t it allocate money to build a decent concert hall on the harbour land perhaps. In my home town, Ipswich, we now have a university. They have rejuvenated the docks. Eastbourne needs to be lifted out of the Victorian era. In Hastings they have young bands like Keane playing, great entertainment aimed at younger generations. Brighton has some great musicians play there and is thriving. Eastbourne’s population is mostly made up of people over 60, rich people, and single parents on benefits or working tax credits and housing benefit, designed for low paid work which consists of care work, working in hotels, schools, catering and shops. Or people who move down here from London because it’s cheaper here and commute to work. What happened to the thriving Kings Country club at Kingsmere? They had great entertainment in its time. Now we have old fashioned shows at the run down Congress Theatre.


Hogarth Road