LETTER: People are not things!

On a recent visit to my GP I was told, in no uncertain terms, that I should talk about one ailment only in an appointment and in future I needed to ‘stick to the rules’ and not hold up other patients waiting for their appointments.

I would like to point out that most people are not selfish timewasters who come to their GP with a long list of woes.

There are, in my estimation, several reasons why a patient would quite legitimately discuss more than one issue with their doctor. They may, for example, have more than one symptom that a skilled doctor might diagnose as having a single cause.

Some patients may feel embarrassed or insecure about discussing an ailment so use another ‘ice breaker’ issue to feel confident in opening a dialogue with their healthcare practitioner.

It may also be the case that they genuinely have more than one illness that needs to be dealt with. Is insisting that a patient makes multiple appointments really the most efficient and efficacious method of treatment?

People are not ‘things’ and cannot can be processed like groceries in a ‘five items or less’ express checkout.

Christopher Chappell

Ashgate Road,