LETTER Pavements are for pedestrians

The question of pedestrians and cyclists sharing pavements in parts of our town will continue in 2015.

East Sussex County Council has informed me by letter that it will not be doing this in Cavendish Avenue after all, but instead putting in an advisory marked cycle lane in the roadway to warn drivers of the presence of cyclists. I quote from the county council’s letter, “In respect of your question relating to insurance for pedestrians, neither the county council or the borough council provides insurance for those using the highway network.

“While the county council as highway authority has a responsibility for its roads, cycleways and footways it is not automatically liable for every incident which occurs on them.”

So other residents must form their own opinions as to what this means for them. For my wife and I, 81 and 79 respectively, we cannot afford to buy private insurance to be able to walk on the pavements, especially the proposed shared ones, in case we injure cyclists or they injure us.

And if it can be cancelled in Cavendish Avenue, except for an advisory cycle lane marking in the road, why not on the rest?

Much cheaper and a lot safer I would have thought. As I have said in previous letters, pavements were invented for pedestrians.

P. Taylor

Cavendish Avenue