Letter: Our mother was fortunate with care home

Our mother was fortunate

There has been much in the media recently concerning institutions set up to provide care for the elderly that have fallen far below what is rightly expected of them.

It therefore gives us great pleasure to those who don’t already know that Eastbourne’s Queen Alexandra Cottage Homes is as far from these sub-standard operations as it is possible to be.

Our mother had the great good fortune to spend the last seven years of her life living there, most of the time in one of their marvellous flats then for the last few weeks in their outstanding care wing.

Whilst there she made some wonderful friends and, always having had something of the naughty schoolgirl about her, she found amongst them several kindred spirits.

However, regardless of their antics, they were always treated with the utmost kindness by the staff who bent over backwards to enable our mother to remain as long as possible in her flat.

When a move to the care wing became unavoidable the same kindness and indeed love was very much in evidence. Several times we came unannounced to her room and, before our presence was felt, heard exchanges, the warmth of which brought tears to our eyes.

In short we cannot praise the entire team at QACH highly enough and consider them a local asset of which the whole of Eastbourne should be immensely proud.


The Old Mission

Preston on Stour

Stratford upon Avon