LETTER: Our efforts are punished

Re the letter from A Somers, Cambridge Road Seaside. “People should be responsible.”

Of course “We” the people should be responsible but how do we meld a “you” and a “them” and an “us” into a responsible society?

I live in Channel View Road opposite Princes Park. Lucky me: I have good neighbours who, to the best of their ability, work hard to keep the environment clean, bright and attractive.

Sadly our efforts are endlessly punished. The Road in which we live and the adjoining park is abused constantly by careless visitors who deposit their detritus thoughtlessly.

Dogs are allowed to defecate on the pavement outside our houses. It really is quite exquisite to step outside ones gate straight into a pile of dog mess.

We all envy that sensation, do we not? I have watched in amazement a family returning, apparently, from a fun day in the park brazenly empty the contents of their car boot and various bags onto the road outside a neighbours house.

We also suffer from ubiquitous empty cans, broken bottles, and naturally the emptying of stomachs that have imbibed far too much.

I have also found, amongst other things, dirty nappies stuffed into meagre shrubbery.

I have remonstrated with people on a few occasions but I am in my seventies and quite frail. So what do you suggest we do Mr Somers?

My neighbours and I also look forward to some positive changes in our neighbourhood but we could do with some meaningful help and some official backup.


Channel View Road.