LETTER: Opportunist Conservatives

I, like so many others across the town looked upon the events of that Wednesday afternoon with abject horror. I can well understand why your chief journalist Annemarie Field was in tears that afternoon. However, it has become clear to me that some have looked upon this tragedy as an opportunity. It is my view that the Conservative Party machine saw the media coverage as the perfect platform for a pre-election sweetener of £2m in what is, I understand, a Tory target seat. This was compounded by the fact the Prime Minister saw fit to ‘tweet’ a promotional image of him with their candidate on his visit. I am disgusted. The local Tories should hang their head in shame for being complicit in this. And not a word on why six Conservatives county councillors voted to downgrade maternity at the DGH! Others may feel differently. I find their behaviour on both fronts grotesque. I am not a political man, but I would like to pay tribute to Stephen Lloyd who has unified the town and rallied round our local businesses.


St Anne’s Road