LETTER: Open letter to Stagecoach

This Saturday, I made my way to the Leaf Hall bus stop in order to catch my last bus home for the night. The No1 due at 23:28.

After an irritating half hour wait with two other pensioners, a lady who works for Stagecoach came along to say that she too, had been waiting at the Alexandra Arms and had phoned work to find out that there wouldn’t be a bus because ‘They couldn’t find a driver’.

As a result of this, I had to catch a taxi home costing me £10 - money I didn’t have. If I hadn’t been loaned the money by a kind man, who knows what may have happened to me whilst walking to try to get back home?

Any other firm of that size would most certainly have the common sense to have somebody at the depot to answer enquiries from the public on Sundays and in the evening. Any other transport firm would have drivers on standby to be ready to come in to drive a bus at a moments notice.

I will most certainly be demanding the reimbursement of my fare and I shall also be seeking compensation for the inconvenience I had to endure. Something I hope that everybody will do when they’ve been vexed by Stagecoach in order to show them that when they regard their customers with the contempt that they so obviously do, the money they save by skimping on adequate cover may well prove to be a false economy.

S Poole

Croxden Way