LETTER: Not enough concessions at the theatre

My wife and I are supporters of our local theatres and would prefer to patronise them rather than go further afield.

Seniors usually get in a bit cheaper to fill the seats but come the big names like Dawn French there are no concessions.

I find it very disappointing that the very people who support shows on a regular basis throughout the year are being asked to pay full (premium) price.

The theatre knows it can fill the auditorium for such events on the odd occasion but will soon be emailing us pensioners asking us to fill the seats for the less fashionable shows.

Also, a £2 ‘booking fee’ is added to the price of £39.50. What’s that about ? Can I book a ticket without the booking fee – NO. Therefore the ‘real’ price of the ticket is £41.50

In future, if there is no concession I think I may pass.

Geoff Fitch

Windmill Green, Stone Cross