LETTER: No right to Bank Holidays

The letter from Mrs J I Hoban (Herald, December 26) demonstrated a popular myth concerning employees’ rights in regard to bank and public holidays.

In actual fact, there is no statutory right either to take public holidays or be paid a premium rate if they are worked. This area is regulated purely by contractual arrangement between the employer and the employee, and is therefore known at the outset when the employee accepts the job.

There is a minimum statutory holiday entitlement of 5.6 weeks per annum, and many employees are quite happy to work bank holidays and take their entitlement at another time. Consequently no rights, human or otherwise are being violated.

With stiff completion from the internet, shopkeepers have to provide what the public wants. They, their employees, and the public all have choices and the right to make them.

Neither is there any link between the availability of public transport and shops being open. At one time there used to be public transport on Boxing Day, but very few shops were open. And these days you don’t need the banks to be open in order to go shopping.

John Taylor

The Millrace, Polegate