LETTER: No response from council

Have Eastbourne borough councillors taken to giving up answering letters?

On 12 July I wrote to three prominent councillors with a suggestion reconciling the matter concerning cycling on the promenade. Based on the practice in another seaside resort, it would go some way to satisfying all parties, especially cyclists and pedestrians. I received no replies. I wrote again to each of the gentlemen on 16 September. As with the original letters I hand-delivered them to the professional and friendly reception staff at the Town Hall. I have no reason to suppose they did not pass them on.

I have been surprised to receive not so much as an acknowledgment from any of the three councillors, let alone a considered response.

I gather that UKIP is accumulating sufficient candidates to stand in all nine wards at the next batch of council elections, which happen to coincide with the ever-approaching General Election. Would any such candidates care to affirm whether they would be prepared to answer letters they received from their constituents?

Edward Thomas

Collington Close