LETTER: No more cash from me!

A feral cat appeared in our garden looking obviously distressed and very unwell, we put out some milk and cat biscuits, but he was unable to eat or drink.

When we saw him today he looked as if had lost a considerable amount of weight, whilst I do not wish to go into detail, he looked very ill.

We thought the kindest and best option was to contact the RSPCA, being a rescue charity they would be able to help, we found their Patcham number but all we got were recorded messages of no use what so ever, we then contacted Cats Protection, they said contact the RSPCA via the direct line, more recorded messages!

The only help we received was from our local vet, advising carefully to put the cat in a box/basket and bring him to them, easier said than done every time we approached him he hid in the garden, obviously distressed and very frightened, when he saw me with a box and blanket, he ran away.

My opinion of the RSPCA is its utterly and totally hopeless, unable to help an animal actually needing help. They appear more interested in fighting expensive court cases and the politics of fox hunting. They will not be getting any more money from me.


Ratton Road.