LETTER: No change on letters page

My father wrote in regularly to the papers, he kept a scrap book of all his letters that were published. Here is one from April 1980. As you will see, nothing changes, we should be asking why?

“With reference to the common market,in a recent gallup poll 57% voted to get out of the common market.

France and Germany had a lot of help from Britain after the war to get their industry moving again but as soon as the horizon cleared, their main object was to derive a common purpose to keep England struggling, hence the one-sided common market formed only to exploit the country which held out a lifeline.”

Thirty-five years have passed, and as far as I can see, nothing has changed. I am proud of my dad for all his principles and not being afraid to voice his opinion but on the other hand ashamed of Britain , that this vote got passed and that this still drags on.

D. Hartfield,

The Crescent.