LETTER: NHS staff working in an unacceptable system

Through your letters column I would pass on my heartfelt thanks to all the staff in A&E, Day Surgery, Theatres, porters and Hailsham 3 Wards.

On September 22 at 6am I unfortunately fell down one step at home and severely broke my ankle. My husband took to me DGH, A&E, who swiftly got my foot X-rayed and I was informed that the ankle would need pins and plates. I was taken by ambulance over to the Conquest where I stayed
overnight waiting an operation the following day. To my horror, after being made ready for surgery, I was told at lunchtime that my operation would
not go ahead and they were not sure when it indeed would, as theatres and lists were so very busy. I was eventually sent home to wait for my op.

Finally, on October 1, I received an appointment for the ankle to be fixed (it had already been in a cast for nine days).

Should someone have to wait this long for an operation?
 I am now back at home recovering and not relishing the thought of six weeks non weight bearing, after the wonderful Mr Molki and his lovely team fixed my ankle.

The NHS staff are a smart, efficient, friendly, and most of all caring team and they are struggling to work in a totally unacceptable system.

When are the powers that be going to see that Eastbourne is a rapidly growing town and we all need NHS services at some point in our lives.

How many more wards and departments are going to be closed in our DGH?

The Conquest cannot deal with the levels of patients they are currently seeing. Our hospital and the staff in it should be cherished.

I am one of the lucky ones, I have a supportive and caring family where nothing is too much trouble. I feel so sorry for the older generation who are alone with no-one to support them or loved ones who are able to travel on that terrible road to Hastings.

Thank you so much DGH team and my family, without you all I would be in a terrible situation.

Annette Simes

Willingdon Road,