LETTER: New school will create traffic chaos

We attended the “consultation” meeting for building a new Nursery and Junior School on the present Cavendish school site. While agreeing the need for more places, we fear that the vitally important issue of parking for the school is being swept under the carpet. Sixteen “Kiss and Drop” spaces for a nursery intake of 38 and an infant and junior intake of 420 is totally inadequate. While many children will be local and walk to school, a great number will be driven. Eldon Road is already a heavily congested bus route with traffic lights, pedestrian crossing and two crossroad intersections. Further traffic lights are being proposed. Can you imagine the chaos at the start and close of school? Parents will use the residential roads around the school to park their cars. We have first hand knowledge that some drivers have no respect for double yellow lines, grass verges or driveways. In the past our vehicle has been damaged five times by drivers trying to squeeze past parked cars. We strongly urge that this whole traffic issue must be seriously considered before any further planning goes ahead.

Michael and Marysia Baker,

Cobbold Avenue