LETTER: MP is now cut off from loop

I venture to suggest that the announced resignation by Stephen Lloyd of his coalition PPS position was very much in line with the politicising that has recently been in evidence by Mr Clegg, Mr Cable and Mr Alexander.

It is also interesting to note that in recent months Mr Cameron has been strongly criticised by his Liberal colleagues who have all told him that he will fail to achieve changes in European policies unless we remain within Europe.

Now, no doubt in a fit of pique, Mr Lloyd chooses to remove himself from within the loop of government and as a result destroys any real influence he might otherwise have had on behalf of his Eastbourne constituents in relation to the A.27.

Shame on him.

Thank goodness the views expressed in last Friday’s Herald by Caroline Ansell are far more positive.

Let us all hope that she will be able to produce a successful outcome.

Michael Harris.

South Cliff