LETTER: More than one close call...

There have been many close calls on the level crossing at Polegate. I am 64 and fairly mobile, but the other day the bell started to sound as I was on the crossing and before I could get to the other side the barriers had started to come down.

So anybody who is a slow walker has no chance.

Considering how many in Polegate have mobility problems, it was only a matter of time before this happen.

Or even worse!!

The other problem with the new crossing is the time that the traffic is being held at the gates.

I have seen both the cross roads in one direction, and the top of the high street into Hailsham road and Station road, traffic at a standstill.

I have emailed Polegate Council, on the traffic problem and the length of time and how quick the barriers come down, there reply was very short, nothing to do with us. Contact the railway.

Pushing for more of an answer they said “Several people have complained, but it’s not something we want to get involved with.”

D. Morgan.

Brookside Avenue, Polegate