LETTER: Medics were incredible

Despite the bad publicity of many hospitals in the UK and recent claims of bullying and bad practice at the DGH Eastbourne and Conquest Hospitals, I must tell of my personal experience of less than six months ago. My husband aged 85 suffered a severe stroke in October 2014 and was admitted to the District General Hospital, Eastbourne. Although he was paralysed down his right side and totally unable to speak, his treatment was first class. The doctors attended daily and the nursing staff I can only describe as incredible. He was treated with dignity, very tender care and utter respect. My two daughters and I were made welcome at any time of the day or night and were allowed to remain at his bedside for as long as we wished. Sadly my husband died four weeks later, but we feel so fortunate that during his last few weeks his care was paramount and given unstintingly by the amazing staff on this very busy stroke ward. There is no doubt in my mind that no other hospital in the UK could have shown more concern or care for my husband. This praise encompasses all the staff, doctors, nurses, cleaning staff and the tea ladies (essential). They should all receive the credit due to them.

Mrs S Bull,

Woodcroft Drive