LETTER: looking forward to green power

Good news on your front page last week (Seaford Gazette). The Rampion wind farm is to go ahead! But how sad that Colin Bullen wrote such a misinformed letter to you on the subject.

The turbine at Glynde was also subject to such comments, but we regularly drive out of our way to see it functioning. It gives us much pleasure.

I look forward to seeing similar ‘little’ turbines on the horizon from Seaford seafront. As they turn, I shall have the pleasure of knowing that they are not polluting the atmosphere that I breathe, while producing the electricity we all need.

Nor will we be dependant on, and paying other countries for, imported gas or oil to run them. UKIP as well as the Lib.Dems should be pleased with that!

As I enjoy these turbines,I expect Colin Bullen will not join me. He could be having a day out visiting his nearest power station, inhaling the polluted air, and admiring the beauty of those elegant smoking chimneys.

Patrick McCausland

Barcombe Close, Seafor